Sunday, July 31, 2011

{How to use PSE Photos}...

OK, so what can you do with all those photos you alter in PSE?
Yes, I love to put them in art journals. And I could frame them and hang them on my walls. 
But I do have a few art quilts already on the walls so that doesn't leave
a lot of wall space for other art.
So I made a pillow.

I enlarged and printed the photo of the hydrangea from the last post onto fabric.
Leaving the edges loose I messy stitched around the photos to secure
it to the pillowcase and tacked the corners with knotted pieces of scrap fabric.

Now I can see my art and remember the poem.


Becca said...

Your pillow turned out lovely. Is the main pillow fabric muslin, or linen?

starseasons said...

Hi Becca, the main pillow fabric is neither linen or muslin. It's a cotton fabric with texture.

I found it in the home deco section of Joann's Fabric. I'm not sure what it is intend to be used for. It's not a stiff cotton. It's similar to linen.
Yet not as thick as linen and much more textured than muslin.
It's a loose weave before washing. I bought a yard to bring home to wash and shrink it to give it a tighter weave. And if you can depend on anything it's

that if you wash cotton fabric in warm water it will shrink. And it did, nicely. I originally was considering it to make a duvet cover for my bed.

It's still a bit light weight but I may still use it for a duvet. My sister is coming next month so I will get her thoughts then.