Saturday, April 30, 2011

{Erosion Bundle Unburied}...

I actually unburied my bundle on Easter Sunday.  Somehow that seemed the right time to
do it.
I had originally been concerned about it getting some moisture.   So I buried it in the ground
where I knew the ground would have moisture regularly.  That was last January, I think.  Anyway about half way through the process I moved the bundle to a huge pile of wood chips to let it continue.
When I unburied my bundle it was quite soggy - and slimy.

There was only one thing left to do and that was to unroll it.
I was so excited.  I felt like a little kid.
The bundle did reveal a nice green tinge to it.
At first anyway.  I hosed off the debris and slime.
Unfortunately most of the green went with it.  And nearly all of the original
pink from the blood orange wasn't to be seen at all.
And it smelt mildewy. 
So after a washing this is what remains.
Mostly it looks like an old mildewed rag that it's time to throw out.
And there is a hole in it.  Which I would say just rotted away from too much moisture.
But the over all color is a gray with an ever so light tingle of pink to it.  Along with it's black mildew
spots and rust.  I expected the rust to take on the heart and star shapes of the rusty steel I put in.
But it didn't.  So now, what oh what, to make with it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Becca said...

Hi Autumn, there you are! I forgot that this was a busy time of year for you. I've always wanted to try one of those erosion bundles. Have a great weekend. :-)