Saturday, April 24, 2010

{A Little R&R...}

Tax Season is over and I have been resting. 
I'd planned to spend more time gardening and more time in
my studio.  But I got sick (on April 14 of all days) and it has taken more then a week
to get back up to speed. 
Between periods of resting I have managed to create a couple of pieces
of art for
the Mother's Day show.
This purse which features one of my drawing printed on fabric.
and another piece of fiber/canvas art featuring one of
my altered photos.

I've enjoyed exploring these little canvas pieces.  And have been
thinking about creating a larger piece.
More on that to come.


Becca said...

Hi Autumn! Sorry to hear you've been sick. Sounds like you just probably worked yourself to death, and when tax time finally came and went, your body just gave up. Hope you are feeling better. I love the face that is printed on fabric. How do you print on fabric? I've purchased the sheets at JoAnn's and used that before, but is there a better way?

starseasons said...

Thanks Becca, I am feeling better. That's how I print on fabric. You can make your own printable fabric but it requires a special solution that goes on the fabric then you have to cut the fabric exact and back it to freezer paper. All of which sounds to bothersome. Although I think I was given a sample of the solution so someday I may give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Autumn! How nice to see you visiting this morning. I hope you're feeling better. Isn't it nice though, that when we aren't up to snuff, that our crafts can keep us busy and make us forget the sniffles for awhile at least.
Your projects turned out lovely!

Blessings (and if I could I'd send you a box of Puffs Plus) :-)

Sherry said...

OMG! Are you a tax accountant too? I still have not fully recovered from this season - I feel like I've abandoned my friends and the blog-world.
Hopefully we'll both be back in full creative mode soon ~ Sherry

starseasons said...

I'm not an accountant, I just work in a CPA office. I do EVERYTHING else including phones, processing, e-filing, extensions and !#@*:0 for 4 CPA's and 3 accountants

Anonymous said...

glad you are the image on your purse...have fun at the show! blessings Eden

carylsrealm said...

Very lovely piece! :)