Sunday, April 11, 2010

{dreams are in full bloom...}

My garden is coming to life.
Trees and shrubs are blooming and
flowers are starting to poke their heads up from their winters sleep
I'm planting vegetable seeds
and checking out the local garden shops for the newest plant offerings
I've already bought home several new "friends" to join our garden family


Becca said...

Isn't it fun! We made a trip to our local nursery this weekend too. I just love walking around with that little red wagon picking out "new friends" By the way, I love the border you put around your photos. :-)

Kate said...

Spring is the best, and you have captured it beautifully! How did you get the frame around your pictures? It adds so much!

starseasons said...

This is the link to purchase the frames

Kate said...

Thank you! I'll check it out, because it really adds alot.

Anonymous said...

love, love love these image my dear Autumn Summerfield..lovey, just lovely!