Sunday, August 26, 2012

{What ifing}...

I wanted to have a more translucent look to painting on fabric then
just painting on fabric would normal have.  Which of course dying would do just
beautifully.  But I don't want to purchase a whole new inventory of supplies that require mixing and measuring and storing.  As well as matching certain dyes to certain kinds of fabrics and on and on.  Not to mention the expense of yet another media.
Hence, the what ifing.
So I sat down with a limited palette of paint (2 colors) and supplies, grabbed a piece of
fabric that was laying on the desk, add water and just laid down the paint in some basic shapes.
I wish my camera would capture the colors accurately.   The golds you see are actually
shades of  much prettier yellows.   Anyway...
The hand of the fabric is quite acceptable for these small pieces.
I added the white "flowers" with the paint straight out of the bottle which of course
really effects the hand but it's a limited amount.
These pieces came out well enough that I will continue experimenting  with thinner paints and larger pieces of fabric.
In the meantime I will have ready to go pieces for as yet unnamed projects.

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