Saturday, January 7, 2012

{New Art for 2012}...

I will be apart of a collage art show at the Raven Cafe this spring.
So I am trying out some new art styles for that show.
This little painting is inspired in the style of Misty Mawn.
I am really pleased with my painting of such a small face.  It's barely an inch.
And a body for my paintings.  Both are new to me.
I wanted to do some encaustic on it but I used acrylic paint
on it ~ then learned you can't use encaustic over acrylics.
I have 2 more piece of substrate this same size so I will be doing a couple more
pieces in this series for the show. 

More on the show as it gets closer


EdenClare said...

oh my gosh...i love this...just love this Autumn!

EdenClare said...

oh for goodness sakes
you are just soooo good
at your artistry...and
i really love my visits
here...i have nominated
you for a
award for you blog..a way
to meet and greet...pop
over to my blog and copy
what you need to accept.
xoxo dearest!