Saturday, November 20, 2010

{under construction}...

It's 3.30am when I wake up and the house is a wreck, again.
So why not post whats happening here.
New carpet is in.  What a job that is.  It's almost as much
work packing and unpacking as if you were moving.

 The old white wool carpet. 
I liked the white color and it was nice having wool but
wool carpet is hard to clean and it does not wear well.
SO no more wool and just a bit darker.
SO now onto the kitchen
 This is the starting point.
I still love the teal and had to pull myself back many times from choosing
a tile with hints of teal in it.
 First some of the smaller changes.  Above are the old lights.
They cast plenty of light in the kitchen but they are old and I want to
replace them with something fresh to go along with the new kitchen counter.
The first replacement lights that went in are below
a nice mosaic shade that had a slight yellow tint to them when on.
But alas they were too small and cast deep shadows throughout the whole kitchen.
 There was just noway they were going to work.  So down they came.
Now what to do?  First I tried another lighter shade but the light bulb was too big.  And still not enough light.
 So off to yet another store to try and find something I liked.
Not always an easy tasked in a smallish town.
 So  I found a fixture I like but they only had one
in stock.  And they couldn't guarantee they MIGHT get them in by the first of the year.
Well after the 3 month delay in getting the cooktop in last year I wasn't
willing to try that again.
The store was kind enough to let me take it home anyway to see if
this type of shade would cast enough light in the kitchen.
(that's one of the great things about living and doing business with a small
company).  Anyway the shade did work.  And it fit on the cords that were already up.
So could they order just the shades?  Yep, they could and it would only take a couple of weeks.
They were in stock so lets chance it. They came in as promised.  So while not overly dramatic
they are quite nice and cast plenty of light.
 And the refinished hardwood floor I did about a month ago.
What a job that was.  But it was now or never.  Why wait and do it after the
new carpet is in.  After all I didn't need to be careful were the hardwood met
the carpet.  SO off I went to rent the floor sander and 8 hours later
it was ready to be stained and sealed.
I'm glad I did it.  It looks really great.  But I hope I never have to do that again.
 And a brand new rug for the center of the kitchen.
Something a bit fun and cushy on the feet.
oh what is still to come
more mess!!!!!!!!!
And were right smack dab in the middle of it.
But progress is being made and they tell me it will be done later today.


Martys Fiber Musings said...

Your transformation is the teal countertops glad you didn't pull them out in your redo.

Becca said...

Wow, you've been busy! I love the hardwood floors. :-)