Saturday, May 15, 2010

{Happy Chickens...}

One of my neighbors now sells eggs.
The other day they put out an "eggs for sale" sign.
So the next time I need eggs I stopped in and bought a dozen fresh...
really fresh eggs
There is something really wonderful about buying these eggs from a neighbor
and not a supermarket.  You feel a certain connection with the chickens and the people
who cared for them.  You know the chickens are raised free, right in your own
 neighborhood by people that actually spend time with the chickens.
The beautiful colors they come in white, green and tan.
And the taste was heavenly


Kate said...

Oh, I agree, Autumn. How fortunate you are to have your neighbor selling fresh eggs! I went to the local French Market (why it's not a Farmers Market I don't know!) yesterday and loved strolling among the people enjoying the spring weather and the freshly picked produce. It's going to be a regular part of my summer routine.

nancy said...

once you have fresh eggs it's dissapointing to
eat anything else!
love the photo, looks like a polaroid transfer
very cool