Friday, January 1, 2010

{Portrait Painting is Getting Easier}

Spending my free time even during this busy time of the year for portrait paintings.  I never know how they will look when complete.  All I can do is just jump in and see what happens.  So far none have turned out so badly that I throw them away.  And even more than that I like them.  I feel like they are all parts of my soul.I will be starting DJ workshop soon.  Which I am very excited about.  So I will take a break from portraits and perhaps spend a few relaxing hours with some fibers before switching my focus to photos.


Becca said...

I like your post about portrait painting. I love this type of portrait work. I have in the past tried to "copy" just to get my pencil moving, but I am far, far away from finding my own style. It's hard when you have so many projects you want to start. Maybe I just need to stick with one thing at a time. Do you use acrylic mostly, or oil? Very beautiful!

Autumn said...

acrlylics and now trying out water solable crayons. I am liking the crayons alot.