Sunday, April 5, 2009

Les Femmes des Montage - Spring Event

Les Femmes des Montage is now five years old. We are now planning our first Spring Event. This show is quite different from our Fall show. This event will focus more on classes. We are not all giving classes this year, me included. But we will all have displays of our art for sale. I was just not ready to create a class on short notice, not to mention trying to create one during tax season. However, next year I hope to be able to offer a class. Any ideas?

I have wanted to do some "spring" items. It would be pretty difficult to sell wool scarfs in May.

The first item was suggested by my son. I have put together several packages of "Remnants". These are irregular strips left over from other quilts. They are great for of course, "Scrap Bookers", non-sewers, who may not have a lot of fiber on hand and what to include fiber in their arts, flower making, experimenting with color combinations you might not ordinarily use and embellishing all kinds of creations.

First design of bird cage. More designs to come. And perhaps some fiber bird houses.


Azreada said...

Your new blog is working fine.

Judy B

starseasons said...

Thanks Judy Love to hear from every one.