Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{Echo} Week 29 - Flight

Just the sheer delight in taking flight.
Such joy do I feel.  That I am beaming from ear to ear. 
High above I am one with the heavens that reach out around me as
far as I can see.

I love taking flight and I most often do so as a bird.  But for this particular Echo prompt I
couldn't resist this smiley face in flight.
And my Echo partner, Marty's

Marty’s photo editing has made this flight (of stairs)

 so metaphorical.
As I sit and look at it I take flight to so many places.
She did a really great job.  Check out her blog here

Saturday, March 5, 2011

{Welcoming Life}...

Welcoming Life this
fine winter's day. 
Technically, it's still winter but
I am always ready for spring to come
and this is a very springy feeling quilt.
It has a light and fresh feel to it.  Just light spring. 
I grabbed a couple of scraps laying on the desk for a
little surprise patch on the back.
And I received a surprise myself when I turn it over after doing some of the quilting.
Although I was careful to pull up the bobbin threads each time I quilted a new line
on the petals this little "thread knot" appeared.  At first I thought it needed to come out.
But while looking at it I saw a little flower design in it.  So I have decided to keep it.
I may yet add a tiny bead to the center to enhance it's look even more so.